Welcome to Love of Magic.

an Epic Urban Fantasy Adult RPG/VN game.

This game was developed with support from my Patreons. Join in for regular updates and behind the scenes footage. Patreons also get free Steam keys.

Love of Magic is available on Steam. Get Book 1: The Crown here, and begin the journey from innocent to God of War.

The story continues in Book 2: The War. You have won her heart, and won your crown… now it is time to wage the war you were born to fight.

Book 3: The Return is currently in development. Wishlist it here to help it have the best launch possible!

Come join us on Discord to chat about the game, discuss books you love, and listen to music. Come for the porn, stay for the community.

Love of Magic’s best experienced on Steam. To apply a Steam key, here’s how to do it:

Go to your Steam app, click on games, then Activate a Product on Steam
Enter the Steam Key here. Each Steam key is unique and can only be used once.

Enabling a Beta Branch:

Switch to a Beta Branch if you want the very latest content.
None is the core game.
Beta is the latest stable Act / Act+ update
Development branch is what I develop/test on; it’s got the very latest updates, but it may have bugs as it’s what I release to the testers.

Do you prefer SubscribeStar to Patreon? You can follow Love of Magic on Subscribestar here.

Stuck? Come check out the amazing Wiki, with tips for getting all the side content, strategy guides and more!

Prefer Itch.io? Love of Magic’s available there, too. Check out my devlogs while you’re there!

I love doing wallpapers. If you want to check them up, they’re available for free at imgur:
SFWBook 2The Chosen

Apart from Love of Magic I also make adult games with Flexible Media. Currently I’m working on the Adult RPG Sinners Landing. Check it out here!

Paradise Lust, a funny adult point’n’click game about being stuck in paradise with a boat full of gorgeous women.

Love of of Magic’s published by Flexible Media, who’s also making Paradise Lust and Sinners Landing. Check them out here!