Love of Magic

Love of Magic is an Erotic Urban Fantasy game, inspired by the Persona series. On the run from undead creatures, and trying to understand your newfound magic, you have arrived in Edinburgh to master your magic. What you’ll find, though, is true love, epic adventure and a destiny set in motion 1,500 years ago.

The Gameplay blends classic Visual Novel gameplay with an open world with tasks, adventures and side adventures. Grab a coffee, and read a book. Hit the gym, or grab a late night drink. It also contains a randomly generated dungeon, where you can hone your magic skills and unlock additional encounters.

Love of Magic Book 1: The Crown is now complete. You can purchase it from, or Steam. The story continues in Book 2: The War. If you’d like to help support it, get regular updates and a behind the scenes view of the creation, check out the Project Patreon

Love of Magic Trailer